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Interior Design Trends for Summer 2016

It's getting warmer and warmer, and new interior design trends for summer are coming! We are bringing you fresh ideas for your home to make it look stylish and trendy. Fresh ... May 3, 2016| posted by Kristian Toth

Wallpapers – Why And Where To Use Them

Wallpapers – why and where to use them April 23, 2016| posted by Kristian Toth

7 Hacks To Make a Large Room Look Cozy

Have you been wondering how to make a large room look cozy? Your house is supposed to be your home, not just a place to sleep in. If your bedroom or living room feel more like a dancing floor, it might be hard to relax there. There are 7 easy and effective... April 21, 2016| posted by Kristian Toth

How To Make A Room Look Bigger

How to make a room look bigger? This question bothers many flat and house owners. Colours and furniture are the vital factors. The right combination has the power to make even the smallest room seem spacious. There're some tips on how to use colours and fur... April 17, 2016| posted by Kristian Toth

Special Door Types

Sliding doors, French doors, shutter doors - those are some special door types. They can bring refreshment into your home's atmosphere. Whether it is a bigger amount of sunlight, space saving or simply style. Let's look at the assets of some April 3, 2016| posted by manager

Exterior and Interior Doors for 2016

Exterior and interior doors for 2016 come in various colours, materials, shapes and sizes. It is important to choose your door wisely. So what are the actual trends for doors? What are the best door materials? Check our article to find out. March 30, 2016| posted by manager

Hot Water Cylinders or Combi Boilers

Hot water cylinders or combi boilers? That's the question. A new boiler might be one of the most expensive household purchases you'll make.  It's important to choose wisely. In this article, you'll find a brief explanation of the most common ones. March 24, 2016| posted by manager

2016 Room Colour Trends

A white colour has reached the top of 2016 room colour trends. White may seem to be too cold but if you use it in a right combination of colourful elements, it will create a stylish and modern look. 2016 Room C... March 23, 2016| posted by manager

Fitted Wardrobe – Why To Choose It?

A fitted wardrobe is a popular option when talking about storage solutions. As its name suggests, this kind of wardrobe is fitted into the room from floor to ceiling so you avoid awkward spaces in your bedroom. Fitted wardrobes come in all widths and heigh... March 17, 2016| posted by manager

Best Options for Bathroom Floor

A bathroom floor should be moisture-proof, stain-resistant, have a safe non-skid surface when wet, and be durable enough to stand up to constant foot traffic. In addition, a bathroom floor should be good-looking and fit within your budget. When searching for a bathr... March 12, 2016| posted by manager
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