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Open space renovation – Italy style

Benthal green - London

The open space which we have recently finished is part of the bathroom project we published. We started both projects at the same time, but the open space took a considerable time to get it done because there were more tasks to do on the open space. The project required renovations on a flat with 2 bedrooms, toilet, kitchen, and a living room. We took out time to get prepared. We ensured that every tool needed for this project was properly placed. Our client is from Italy so he requested for an Italian setting. That is why the project has been done using an Italian style. We started with the removal of the wall partition because we wanted to create an open space between the kitchen and the living room. As soon as we were done with that part, we moved on to making new plumbing and wiring throughout the flat. Our certified contractors did all of the electrical and plumbing works. The next phase comprised building the kitchen units, and continued to tiling of the walls and floors. We now moved on to making wooden floors for the whole flat which made the flat look so nice in one piece. After all these had been done, we decorated the flat giving it a refreshed look. This project was done within seven weeks from the day of contact and we had a good feeling after finishing another home renovation project in London.

Timing: 7 week

Budget: £15000

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Words of our clients

  • Builders from MWB were extremely helpful from start to finish! They spent hours at the tile store helping me to make great decisions. My bathroom doors and kitchen remodels have really added great value to my flat and I can’t wait to put it up for sale. I will definitely hire them again.

    Tim M.
  • We are very happy with the beautiful new look given to our home by Making World Beautiful. One would not recognize it’s the same home from the street. We now have an amazing kitchen and living room which has become the envy of all our friends, thanks very much MWB.

    John K.
  • I am very pleased and happy to give this reference for this builders, they have worked with me for several years and have overseen all my projects, including exterior and interior painting, tile works and many other projects that I can’t list all. I highly recommend them to any who needs their home renovated.

    Mike L.
  • Did an excellent job on my bathroom and kitchen, remodelled everything from start to finish. The project was done on time and within my budget. They were very efficient and planned the perfect schemes for my countertop and cabinet settings.

    David S.
  • Although our condo building was complex, they were able to navigate our building requirements and needs and got the job done in the shortest possible time. They made suggestions which we incorporated into our designers plan and their suggestions greatly improved our home.

    Lucy C.
  • I am so happy that I found this builders. Instead of recommending high prices for us, they provided similar options and saved us a lot of money. They did major works in our bathroom, kitchen and decorated all the rooms. I will recommend this builders to anyone who wants to make their home beautiful.

    Jerry P.
  • Making World Beautiful really made our flat beautiful within our budget. They carried out amazing renovation from our master’s bath, kitchen to refinishing our engineered floors and other several smaller jobs. They are highly professional, and knowledgeable is what they do.

    Victoria M.