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Wallpapers – Why And Where To Use Them

Wallpapers – Why And Where To Use Them

Wallpapers – why and where to use them

Hanging new wallpapers can dramatically change the look of your home, and it’s a great DIY home-improvement project. You must consider this very attractive mode of decorating rooms of your house. Why? There are numerous reasons for decorating your home with wallpaper. In this article, you’ll find new trends and stylish types of wallpapers

Why use wallpapers

  • Wallpapers make the room more inviting. The attractive patterns of wallpapers
    give interesting character to your room.
  • They are a cheap way of decorating your home. You have to pay less money
    as compared to paints when you choose wallpapers.
  • Wallpaper can be used to hide defects in the design of the room. For example,
    too high ceilings can look lower by using wallpaper.
  • A little coordination among the flooring, furniture, decor theme of your room
    and wallpaper can bring in the sense of unified space.

Wallpapering Trends

Wallpapering doesn’t have to be connected just with walls. Lately, it has become trendy to use a wallpaper also for covering the stairs, door, wardrobes and other pieces of furniture. Let’s look at some unusual trends connected with wallpapering.

Horizontal Wallpapers

Think outside the box. Everyone expects to see striped paper placed vertically, for example. Consider hanging it horizontally instead. 


Small Band of Wallpaper

Do a small band of the wallpaper, instead of covering the whole wall. Put it either horizontally or vertically. In each way, it’ll create a nice accent in the room.


 Put It On The Ceiling

Putting wallpaper on the ceiling can make the room look bigger as it draws your eyes up. This is ideal for kids’ room. It is interesting to look at a colourful ceiling when lying in a bed. Again, you can use the same wallpaper for the furniture.


Covered Drawers

Use wallpaper to line the front of the drawers. You can cover the bottom of drawers, so you don’t see the wallpaper until you pull it out!

wallpapers wallpapers

Wallpapered Stairs

Even the stairs can be covered with wallpaper. It’s up to you whether you go for various wallpapers or stay with a single pattern. Make that tiring walk up the stairs interesting!


Covered Doors

Try putting wallpaper on a closet or normal doors. Adjust the pattern to the character of the room. Don’t be afraid to use the same wallpaper on more pieces of furniture in a room. This will make the area look more united.


Stylish Types of Wallpapers

Little Grains


Flower Bell


Botanical Style


Little Beans




Cracked Style


Full Image


3D Style


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