There’s no doubt that wet rooms are ultra-stylish.  Once they were solely found in plush hotel bathrooms. The whole bathroom becomes, in effect, the shower room. But, they can also seem like daunting projects. However, provided that you choose reputable designers and tradespeople to ensure the work is carried out to a high standard, there are many benefits to choosing a wet room…

Added value

Adding a wet room could add value to your home, as wet rooms are becoming increasingly desirable. However, you do need to make sure that you employ reputable installation experts to ensure that your wet room really is water tight. The right workmen and women will ensure that your room is properly tanked to prevent any leaks. Also, consider the market you could be targeting if you choose to sell your home in the future. If you are looking at couples and professionals in an urban environment, then a wet room could be just what they are looking for. However, if yours is a family home, then add your wet room as your en suite or second bathroom rather than as your main family bathroom.

Small is beautiful

Wet rooms are a fantastic option for small spaces. You can fit a wet room into pretty much any space which is large enough for you to shower in. Removing the bath from your bathroom provides you with heaps more space. There’s also no need for any bulky shower enclosures. You don’t necessarily need a shower screen and you definitely don’t need a tray, meaning your space feels beautifully open-plan.

Stylish and modern

The slick, contemporary feel of a wet room adds instant style kudos to your home. Because of their minimal nature, you can create a real wow factor which will impress guests to your home or potential buyers. You can create that 5-star hotel or spa feel within your own apartment or home.


As wet rooms become increasingly popular, the choice of fixtures, fittings and finishings on the market is rising, meaning you should be able to find a style which exactly suits your own taste to create your dream bathroom.  You also aren’t constrained by conventional shower trays and types, giving you greater flexibility in the way you use your space. You could make a real statement by having your shower in the centre of your room.

Easy to clean

A wet room is much easier to clean than a conventional bathroom. Because all surfaces are tiled or water-tight, you can wash and clean the whole space with bathroom products. Any excess water will simply drain away.

No leaks

A properly installed wet room will be much less likely to have any issues with leaks than a conventional bathroom. In ‘normal’ bathrooms, you could end up with water where it shouldn’t be or with issues with damp or mould.

It’s accessible

While wet rooms are usually chosen because they are stylish bathroom options, they also have the advantage of being a great choice for those who have mobility needs. Because there is no need to install any sort of shower tray, a wet room can be easier for people with disabilities or the elderly. A wet room can add style, function and value to your home.