Not having enough space in a flat (and paying much money) can be an often problem, especially if you live in a big city like London. If you are a resident of a small flat, here are some tips to save your space and turn your crib into a nifty, quite comfortable place to live. Good luck with your small apartment, and take our advice to make it work for you.

10 Useful Hacks

Behind the TV

This will definitely take some handy work, but you can create a flap under your television with some springs and hinges, which will allow you to store your DVD player, video game system, and any other electronics behind your television.


Under the Bed

Lie your mattress on top of a storage unit. That way you can fully utilise the space under your bed. This example is particularly unique and is perfect for small flats and dorm rooms.


Stackable Chairs

Invest in a set of chairs and small tables that you can use to entertain guests, but are also able to be stacked and put in a corner when they are not needed.


Under the Stairs

If you live in a loft or a two-floor apartment, use the area under the stairs for something productive like a desk or sitting area.



Space – Saving Bungee Cord

Instead of letting them take up space in your closet, hang lighter items like sunglasses and scarves on a bungee cord.


Bathroom Supplies

Hang your bathroom supplies on a magnetic rack, which will leave more space in your cabinets.


Toothbrush Storage

Cut some small indents in the shelves of your medicine cabinets and hang your toothbrushes vertically to leave more storage space on your shelves.


Space – Saving Vertical Silverware

Store your silverware vertically as opposed to horizontally.


Sliding Pantry

Build a sliding pantry that can rest in the space between your refrigerator. This way you can pull it out when you need something and maximise your kitchen space. 


Wine Box

Instead of throwing them in your closet, put your shoes in a wine box and keep it under your bed for easy access.


Fold-Down Table

Create a foldable kitchen table that can be pulled out from the wall to use for small meals or as an extra cooking table.


If you want to know other hacks for small flats, you should ask professional decorators or specialists who can give you useful advice and help you with remaking your flat. Try us!