A white colour has reached the top of 2017 room colour trends. White may seem to be too cold but if you use it in a right combination of colourful elements, it will create a stylish and modern look.

2017 Room Colour Trends


If you want to feel safe and comfortable in your bedroom, you should use a warm colour for sure. A brown colour may seem to be too dark, but don’t be afraid. Brown walls in a combination of white decorations will make your bedroom look nice and cosy.

2016 room colour trends

Living room

Your living room is the gathering place in your home, and the right paint colour will make it a place where you’ll happily welcome family and friends. White is the new 2017 colour trend for the living room too. It makes the room look bigger, and if you combine it with right colours, it won’t lose the cosy look. Blue and yellow decorations are the part of 2017 room colour trends.

2016 room colour trends


A kitchen is a place where you mostly prepare and eat food. The colour of the room should create a pleasant atmosphere for eating. Yellow is an ideal colour for kitchens. If you want to stay in 2017 room colour trends use white and a wooden floor. Add colourful decorations (e.g. yellow, orange, red). Try to avoid striking green.

2016 room colour trends

Entrance Hall

The first place you step in when you come home is an entrance hall. You sure want it to show the warmth and cosiness at the first sight. Grey and creamy walls cause a pleasant effect. Don’t forget to add nice decorations and a rug to make it cosier.

2016 room colour trends


In a bathroom, there is a lot of splashing so automatically we expect a colour which associates with water. Light blue or turquoise is ideal for this place. Of course, white furniture and bathroom equipment are welcome.

2016 room colour trends

Kids’ Room

A room for your children is the place where they play, read, simply develop their creativity. The room should be colourful as colours encourage creative thinking. You can also use patterned wallpapers.
White furniture is always a good choice.

2016 room colour trends