Are you thinking about replacing the flooring in your home? Are you fed up with carpet, or maybe you have allergies?

Here we tell you about four types of flooring you might like to consider. All of them are easy to maintain and keep clean and will look fabulous in any home. If you want easy to clean floors that are warm underfoot have a look at these four options.

Solid Wood Floors

Authentic wooden flooring is more expensive than laminate because it’s a 100% wood. You’re getting a natural material that’s made from wood such as Ash, Maple, or Oak. You can have it delivered with the wood already sanded and sealed, which means it’s quicker to install. Or, if you want to customise it you can have it delivered unfinished and then the colour and sealing are done once it’s been laid.

It is hard wearing and if it is looked after it will retain its appearance for many years.


Laminate wood is the cheapest version of hardwood. It’s wood look, rather than wood. It comprises of layers of fibre board and melamine with a protective transparent layer on top of the laminate to protect the material from wear and tear.

Laminate isn’t as hard wearing as solid wood, but it is more resistant to water spills as long as it is fitted correctly. Laminate is popular because it has a fast click-in installation and it is an affordable choice for many homeowners.

Engineered Wood Flooring


Unlike laminate, engineered wood flooring does have a real hardwood top. The layers underneath are strong plywood, which does mean it is better quality than laminate and is closer in price to real wood.

If you want easy installation then pick floating engineered wood flooring which like laminate clicks together. Traditional engineered flooring like hard wood is usually stapled or glued to the floor which will take longer to install.


Vinyl flooring combines good looks with functionality as it can be used in every room in the house, including the bathroom. You can a wide range of different effects, including vinyl that looks like wood, tiling, abstract or plain.

It’s easy to install as it comes in planks, which click-in to one another and It’s cheaper than wood and easier to look after. Because it’s waterproof all you need is a quick hoover and a once over with a mop.