Buying a new flat and furnishing it is a very important point on the way to a dream home. Many of us have just one try, and due to this fact, we have to ensure ourselves that the new flat is just as it should be. To help you, we have asked our experts about five most important  things you should definitely not overlook when buying a new flat

1. Is the flat as properly equipped as I expect it to be?

It may sound trivial, but we must start from scratch. After arrival to a new home, we often have full heads of ideas how to furnish it. However, we may not notice whether we have door handles which we´ve chosen or whether the floor tone corresponds with the tone of the baseboard. We recommend you to check whether every single item corresponds with your choice.

2. Do I have all the important contracts and documents?

When buying a new flat, one shall not forget about the paperwork, which is an important part of the purchasing process. A minute of transfer is the most important document in which you should check the correctness of personal data and whether you are really getting the mentioned items (keys, documents, etc.). It is also important to check the dates of energy contracts (which you use for energy import) since they have limited validity. When it expires, you will need to get a new one from the contractor.

3. Do all keys fit to flat entrances, garage and basement?

You should not forget to check all of the keys you get for the flat entrance and other rooms. Check also the door bell and the mailbox keys. At the end check the garage control as well.


4.Do all faucets, power switches and plugs work well?

You cannot live without water and electricity.Make sure whether the faucets work and whether signs of hot and cold water are correct. Don’t forget the toilet flushing too. You should absolutely check the plugs and switches to make sure the electricity is everywhere you need it.

5. Do I have a contact for a caretaker, an internet provider and other contractors? Do I know who to call if any problems appear?

When buying a new flat, the contractor should provide you with all the information necessary to contact the suppliers of technologies in your house. A contact for a caretaker is the most important one with whom you may want to discuss things like buying chips for entrance door or payments for repairs fund. Do not also forget the contacts for electricians, or phone and internet providers. Some nonstop emergency hotlines are important as well, since you may need to call them in case of any unexpected problems. Contacts for decorators, painters or carpenters may also be useful if you need help with making your flat homier.


Taking a new flat (especially in London) is definitely an exciting event which cannot do without restlessness. But if you take these 5 points into account and check everything carefully, after moving in you will live just as you have always wanted. All in all, this is your and also our goal.