Clean Up After Winter
Get rid of any fallen leaves or rubbish that’s been blown into your outdoor space. Sweep up the dust and then give the floor a mop or a hose down to make sure everything is clean. Have a look around to see if fencing or railings need fixing or painting. Throw away any old pots or ornaments that are broken or no longer wanted.

If you have a painted concrete floor you may be happy to leave it as it is. But, if you want to cover it up you can either buy some artificial grass or put down some colourful rugs to make it more comfortable underfoot.

Plants will liven up a balcony or patio. You can have plants in colourful pots. Choose green climbing plants, flowers, succulents or herbs. If you are short of space use the walls, hanging baskets or a tiered plant stand. If you only have a small space and you don’t want to attract insects, do some research before you buy plants. For example, spearmint and thyme keep bees and wasps away. If you have space though and you want to create a corner for say bees, then Agastache, Borage, Chives and Crocuses will attract them into your garden. If you don’t have time to look after plants and flowers then invest in some good quality false pot plants. They not only look realistic, but they will last all year round too!

If you’re in a small area then folding furniture is a good idea. You only need to put chairs out when they are needed, so you can have more space when you’re home alone. If you have the room you might want a table and four chairs, or a comfy sofa and chair set with a low table. Choose plump cushions so that you’re comfortable. Garden furniture is available in a variety of materials. The cheapest is plastic which is lightweight and low maintenance. Rattan is also a very popular material for outdoor furniture as it looks very attractive. Aluminium doesn’t rust or fade, but it can get hot in the sunlight. A more expensive choice is wood. It is long-lasting, but it does need to be well-maintained to stay beautiful.

Solar lights can use the daylight hours to charge. They have an advantage because they don’t need an electrical socket. You can pick solar lights that can be placed in flower pots or buy string lights in different shapes and sizes. Candles look nice inside jam jars too.