Fit New Windows
New windows can increase energy sufficiency, improve security and update your exterior. Choose a style and colour that will suit your home. You might decide to go for a contemporary look or add windows that give your home a period style. uPVC windows are very popular because they are durable, but if you have a cottage or a listed building you might prefer to have wooden frames. Another choice is aluminium which are energy efficient and low maintenance. You can make a dramatic change with windows. For example, fitting bi-folding or patio doors where
once you had a window and a wall will give you a feeling of space and provide more light. It will also bring the outdoors in and you can enjoy your garden even when you’re sitting indoors.

Change the Door
Like windows, a front door should match the architecture of your home. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a modern door in a Victorian home, but it should suit the exterior. If you want the door to match the period your home was built in, then you can pick a modern material with a period design. Remember to think about door accessories too. The door handle, your house number and the letterbox will also need to choose with care. The fun part is choosing a colour. You can be bold and paint your front door in a shade of pink, red or yellow. Or, you can go for a traditional colour like grey, green or black. Purples and Blues are also very popular.

Renovate the Roof
If your roof has broken or faded tiles, then it might be a good idea to get them replaced. If it’s dirty and moss coloured, then you could have it cleaned. Your roof will then match the rest of your new exterior and look fresh and attractive.

Use Colour
Using colour on your home’s exterior walls can add the wow factor to your home. It can give it a completely new look. You might have to check with your local council before you do the work. In some places, such as conservation areas, certain colours or styles can’t be used.

Get the Garden done
If you have a garden or a patio leading up to your front door, consider having it landscaped by a specialist. There’s not much point spending the money to update your exterior if you leave the garden looking scruffy. A beautiful front garden will put the final touch on your renovations. Even if your garden is small it’s worth having it professionally designed.


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