The kitchen is normally the heart of the house. If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen you’ll want to make sure you have essentials that are not only functional but look good too. Here’s our list of the 6 essentials we think are great to have in your kitchen.

Kitchen Machine
Invest in a food mixer and processor which will save you time and help you to create great dishes. Look for a machine that blends, slices and grates. And, that also chops, minces and whisks. You don’t have to break the bank to buy something decent. You can get a good quality machine for around £250.00.

Air Fryer
If you use an air fryer you can cook using around 80% less fat. Some models also roast and bake, so it’s the perfect all-in-one. You can buy a small fryer for around £80 or if you want a larger machine with other functions, expect to pay between £150 and £200.

Variable Temperature Kettle
If you’re a tea aficionado you’ll know that using boiling water to make tea isn’t how to make the most of the flavour. With a variable temperature kettle, you can choose how hot to make your favourite drink. Choose a model that includes a limescale filter and, if you want one, a kettle with a keep-warm function. Average prices are between £60 and £130.

Slow Cooker
During the winter a slow cooker is the perfect way to make stews and casseroles that are ready when you get home from work. Prepare the food the night before and then in the morning transfer the ingredients into the slow cooker and leave it to cook while you’re away from home. Prices start at around £30 for a small pot and about £60 for a larger model.

Coffee Machine
Depending on how you like your coffee you can choose from machines which use capsules, a filter machine or one that grinds up your beans and gives you the perfect espresso. Filter and capsule machines are the cheapest. You’ll pay more for a bean to cup, or manual machine. Prices range from £30. More expensive machines start at around £700.

If you’ve got a small kitchen you don’t want to be juggling to find space for steamers, pressure cookers and fryers. The solution is a multi-cooker. They steam, slow and pressure cook, as well as steaming and frying. Choose one which will be big enough for your family. Expect to pay between £50 and £130 for a decent model.


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