Do you need extra storage at home? If you do, here are some ideas on how to create storage using underused spaces and clever furnishings.

Under the Stairs

Get rid of the clutter and you can transform this space into a useful storage area. You can add shelves or a built-in cabinet. You can even transform the space into a home office. Buy a fold-down desk that is big enough for a laptop and you will be able to work comfortably. Another way to use the spaces to turn it into a wardrobe. Fit some stylish doors and you will have space to store coats and shoes.

On the Landing

This is another part of the house you can use to have cupboards and drawers built in the walls. It will give you space to put bedding and towels away and other bulky items that are difficult to store upstairs. 

Use the Ceiling

The kitchen ceiling can be used to store pots, pans and fresh herbs. You can get stylish ceiling racks in wood, chrome or metal. It will give your kitchen your kitchen and rustic feel and if you add herbs to dry out you will get some gorgeous smells too.

On the Walls

Walls are not just for hanging pictures and posters. You can also use wall space for storage. Nowhere to put your bike? Hang it on the wall. If you have musical instruments create a feature by using hooks and holders to display them in the living room. Upstairs you can use the walls for extra hanging space by attaching a rail to the wall or hooks to accommodate jewellery and bags.


Build shelving above doors or in alcoves to create extra space for books or ornaments. You can also add shelving to corners. If you do not want to use the wall brackets, use floating shelves that look good in any room.

Alcoves and Recesses

Apart from shelving alcoves and recesses can be converted into an area for storing wine. You can then show off your collection in the kitchen or the living room with the help of some wine racks and a few
bottles of nice wine.

Add a Mezzanine

If you have a very tall ceiling or a loft which is not suitable for conversion you could create a mezzanine to make an extra room. That way you get another bedroom, study or hobby room on another level using dead space.

Invest in Multi-Purpose Furniture

If you have not got a spare bedroom for guests, a sofa bed in the living room will allow you to invite friends over. Look for coffee tables with drawers to store magazines, remotes and chargers. You even buy a coffee table that lifts up and converts to a dining table for four people, which is perfect if your home is small. In the bedroom, the ball will look attractive at the end of the bed and can also be used to store your bedding. If you have a teenager in a small room, you can get a high bed with a desk and chair underneath it. That way he or she can study in their bedroom away from any distractions.