We often struggle with a problem of a small space in our houses or flats. Especially newly married couples are looking for the cheapest alternative of living. Sometimes they find a tiny flat, sometimes it can be something bigger, but with lots of awkward spaces. In our article, we’d like to give you some advice on how to make these awkward spaces fully utilised.

Go smaller

Is your room too big? Divide it into more intimate areas. Grouping a couple of chairs with a loveseat, two chairs and a small table, a sofa and chair, or other similar arrangements will make the room seem cosy. Warm colours advance visually, so painting the room a warm colour will make the room seem more intimate.


Small spaces 

Internal windows are a clever way of increasing light, and giving small rooms a welcome outlook into adjoining areas.


Narrow spaces

Distract attention from a room’s narrowness by adding a dramatic colour or painting to one of the shorter walls. Place a sofa covered in a horizontal stripe fabric on a short wall, which tricks the eye into seeing the wall as wider.


Awkward shaped rooms

Be bold when decorating an oddly-shaped room — a half-hearted attempt makes the whole thing look like a mistake. Choose a soft colour or subtle print -anything too dark will make the walls close in. Soften angles and strong lines by painting walls and ceiling white or a pale receding colour. Create symmetrical displays on shelves and tables to offset angles.


Go taller

Is your ceiling too low? Add height to your room with tall, vertical elements, such as bookcases. Long curtains which drape on the floor can also add visual height, as will tall lamps or torches. Painting the ceiling a light, cool colour (which appears to recede) will make the room seem brighter and more open. Stretch a room’s height by using full-length curtains on windows regardless of their size. Use uplights to direct soft light towards the ceiling making it appear further away. Accentuate the vertical with floor-to-ceiling stripes on walls.


Inspired by The Times of India