Planning Permission

Planning permission is necessary to build a new home or change the use of a building. When your plans go through the planning department of your local council they will consider: 

  • What building will look like from the outside and whether or not it will blend in with other buildings in the area.
  • The size and layout of the building 
  • The proposed use of the development and whether it is a private home or commercial premises. 

Some building projects do not need planning permission. For example, if you are going to add a conservatory, turn your garage into a room or build a one or two-story extension. However, you will have to adhere to certain conditions regarding materials, size and location. 

Building Regulations

Building regulations and a building control approval are in place to ensure that people using the building are safe if you are going to build something new, renovate or add to your existing home you will need to apply for building approval.

Approval is also required for a wide variety of different tasks within a home and they include: 

  • Change to plumbing and a new central heating system
  • Adding radiators 
  • Connecting that is close to a bath or shower Eletrics
  • Replacing windows and doors
  • Replacing fuse boxes
  • Fitting air conditioning 
  • Installing a bathroom where plumbing is involved
  • Changing the cover on a pitched or flat roof. 

You make your application for building approval with your local council and there are two types of applications you can make. The first is designed for straightforward work like projects within the home of extensions that do not need planning permission. This is called building authority.

The second application is designed for larger building projects and you will need to present your plans and drawings in detail. 


A listed building is one of historical or architectural importance. Because of this, they are protected from demolition or structural changes. If you want to demolish or make changes to a listed building, you must apply for approval with your local authority. 

If you have any doubts about the need for approvals, always check with your local authority as they can give you all the information to make sure you do not make any mistakes before you begin your project.

 We hope you have found this useful and let us know if there are any other topics you would like us to cover.

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