A loft extension can give you a new bedroom with en-suite bathroom, and a place for your teenager to get some privacy, and a hobby day or a home office.

You can take the opportunity to make a luxurious space that you'll enjoy using. Beautiful young woman relaxing in a spa with a bath or sauna and relaxing in the  water. Or, you can treat your teenager to a room that lets them study in peace and quiet or have fun with friends without disturbing you.


It can be a big investment, but it should add around 20% to the value of your home. Prices for a small loft conversion range from around £ 22,000 to £ 33,000 for a room measuring 4 x 5 feet. The larger the space, the more expensive the conversion. The most popular option is a dormer space.

For this, you'll be looking at between £ 32,000 and £ 60,000. It is an extension to your existing roof, you will get more space and floor space with slanted ceiling. If you want to spend between £ 46,000 and £ 76,000 then you can have a Mansard conversion. This replaces one side of your roof and features a flat roof and sloping back wall. It's expensive because it's a major renovation.

Apart from Mansard conversion, other loft types do not normally need planning permission. Although it is advisable to check with your local planning office, especially if you live in a listed building. You'll need a variety of trades to complete the works. If you can find a builder who can also supply plumber, electrician and plasterer it will save you lot of time looking for them individually. You might also want to use the skills of a joiner who will be able to help you make the most of the space in your room that might be an awkward shape.

Completion                                                                                                                                                  It's a good idea to use a professional design and renovation company to help you with design and planning. That way you can look at different ideas before the conversion work has started. Once the work has been completed you can think about color and furnishings. Bold colors with white will create wow factor while giving room and light, spacious feel. You can go to the furniture that will make the room cosy or give it a minimalist industrial look. An interior designer can help you bring your ideas to life and create a space that will be a beautiful addition to your home.