Here are some top tips to follow that will help create a luxurious looking home without breaking the bank.

The first thing you need to do is de-clutter. Get rid of anything you don’t use anymore, especially the piles of papers and magazines lying all over the floor.

A new coat of pain immediately makes a room feel fresh and new. If you’re arty then you can experiment with colour. If you prefer the minimalist look stick to white.

Invest in one good piece of furniture
It doesn’t matter if you’re furniture isn’t expensive. All you need to do is spend your money on one good piece of furniture. If you’re doing up the lounge, then buy a good sofa or a good quality wooden coffee table. If you’re in the dining room spend your money on a table and chairs. If you want to create a gorgeous bathroom get yourself a luxury shower head or a stand-alone bath.

Buy Statement ornaments or artwork
Buy yourself an expensive vase and fill it with fresh flowers. Or, purchase some original artwork for the walls in the lounge. Treat yourself to some hand-crafted pieces you can place on a table or an open shelf.

Choose luxury textiles
Buy a throw in cashmere, merino wool or mohair. Replace old cushions with velvet or alpaca wool in bold prints or subtle colours.

Add Mirrors
By adding mirrors to a room, you are immediately creating light and space. Place one on the wall opposite the door to open the room up. Or, over a fireplace for a traditional look. Make the mirror the focal point by choosing an unusual design.

Change Your Lighting
Chandeliers look expensive and stylish in any room. They are especially striking in rooms with high ceilings. You don’t need to spend a fortune either. You can buy a modern chandelier or look around in second-hand or antique shops for a good quality chandelier at a bargain price.

Small Touches
You can add small touches of luxury to a room by swapping knobs and handles on doors and cupboards. Wooden doors and cupboards can be repainted. Then new knobs and handles can be added to give them a stylish finish.

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