Now that the nights are drawing in and the leaves are falling, it’s time to change your summer designs for something cosier. Here are a few tips on how to add this year’s autumn trends to your home.

In the Hallway

The hallway should be welcoming, especially during autumn when you may be coming in from the wind and rain. Use soft lighting and if it’s only small use a large mirror to create the feeling of space. Oatmeal is a good choice for the walls, especially if you have wooden flooring. If the hall is large you can use bolder autumnal colours.


Black is back. It’s not just for accessories. Furniture and kitchens are becoming popular in black too. If you want to add to the trend get yourself a comfortable black chair to make a design statement in the lounge. A black table and chairs in the kitchen can be matched with plates and bowls in white, pink or green to create a contrast. Another colour to consider is purple. It’s a warm hue and is perfect for autumn and the coming winter. Add velvet cushions in crimson or a silver-grey to a purple sofa or a chair to create an opulent feel.


Darker hues are popular this autumn. Use deep blues and purples combined with pastel shades to create a lighter atmosphere. Green, light blues and pinks match well. Paint one wall using the darker shade as an accent colour. Or create a border and use the darker paint from the floor upwards to the border. Then change to a pastel colour like pale pink, green light blue or yellow. You can also use paper as well as paint. The trend at the moment is for pale pinks and greens with print paper featuring lush green plants.


Now that your focus is on being warm and snug, it’s time to lay some rugs on your floor. You don’t need to stick to just one. You can lay two or three and layer them to combine the colours and designs.


Don’t forget to add throws to your sofas and chairs. Vary the colours and materials. Soft chenille, cotton, wool or a velvety material will look cosy and stylish. Add plenty of cushions in super soft textiles for a luxurious feel.


This season’s lighting trend of paper and cardboard have made it even easier to switch your lampshades to autumn colours. These shades are lightweight, inexpensive and are available in a whole range of designs. Choose black, pastels, oatmeal or traditional white to stay on-trend.


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