Exterior and interior doors for 2017 come in various colours, materials, shapes and sizes. It is important to choose your door wisely. So what are the actual trends for doors? What are the best door materials? Check our article to find out.

Interior Doors

Interior doors make a big difference to your home atmosphere. Your house may have 15 doors which are frequently used. Interior doors are found in a variety of woods, construction types, formats and sizes. Here are some interior doors for 2017.

It is important to choose the right type of interior door to make your home feel nice and cosy. Look for doors that block out the sound and bring in natural light. Glass and mirrored door turn the smallest rooms into a great retreat. Bathrooms make great spa sanctuaries and walk-in closets can become quiet reading areas.


Decorative glass panels help bring in natural light and add to a home’s décor. Don’t be concerned about privacy. You can use a door with obscure glass blocks.  With them, you enjoy privacy and let in the natural light.


Another trend for interior doors for 2017 is towards wood doors. Blending elements of historical design with modern functionality is in. You’ll find interior doors with distinctive grooves, graceful curves and elegant, smooth finishes to add charm and a special character to any room in your new home.


White colour has become a trend for interior doors for 2017 just as for interior walls and home equipment. Moulded panel doors — the Safe ‘N Sound are the special ones. ‘White and are’ is appropriate for an actual Scandinavian style. The Safe ‘N Sound Emerald is a greener option.


Tip for Exterior and Interior Doors for 2017

Consider pairing the style of exterior door with your interior doors. It will create a more harmonious flow and feel to your home. Most door manufacturers offer several lines of interior and exterior doors to be matched.

Exterior Doors


Colours are the exterior doors trend for 2017. Turquoise, blue, yellow, red – those are the top ones. They look great with a white facade. Wood and decorative glass are welcome.white is always the option too.


When choosing a door, the right material is very important. You surely want to have the best quality. These are the possible options:


You can use wooden doors in custom or specialised design situations as they are easiest to manipulate. There are countless options – mahogany, side lights, transoms, decorative glass… This creates a luxurious look.
Decorative transparencies such as glass are easier to install in wooden front doors.
A long time exposure to the elements can cause the wood to warp.



These panelled doors can take a beating without damage. Fibreglass doors are more durable than the wooden ones. They can also be stained to get the same traditional look of wood. An insulated core protects them from bad weather. Fibreglass front doors may cost more than wood. But the long-term energy savings can surely refund the difference.



There is insulated foam within the panels and steel on the other side. This makes metal front doors the safest of the three material options.It can be found in various colours.
If a little damage or a scratch appears, it is hard to repair. It often needs a whole door replacement.


Those were trends for exterior and interior doors for 2017. We hope you found this article was useful. Feel free to leave us a comment.