If you’ve decided to renew your flooring this year, or you’re moving and you’re planning to re-design a property, you’ll need to decide just what type of flooring you want to buy. There are factors to take into consideration when you’re choosing your flooring. If you live in a flat noise might be an issue. Or maybe you have children who like to play on the floor and need a comfortable surface. If you’re a pet owner you might prefer your flooring to be easy to clean. Here are 4 on-trend choices for flooring in 2020.

This might be your natural choice if you have children and you enjoy walking around barefoot. A carpet gives you softness and warmth. If you want something stylish and practical an 80% wool mixed with man-made fibres a good choice. You get a durable, soft carpet that will keep its colour. If you don’t have to worry about children or pets then you can go for 100% wool. British and New Zealand wool is commonly used in the manufacture of carpets.


Wooden floors are popular with householders because they look good in a modern, rustic or traditional setting. They are easy to clean and they are ideal for allergy sufferers or pet owners. Laminate is the cheapest choice, but if you want a quality wooden floor that makes a statement then go for solid wood, engineered wood, reclaimed or parquet. You can buy wood floors in a host of colours and styles include herringbone, chevron, plank or panels. If you have underfloor heating engineered wood flooring conducts heat well, warms up quickly and keeps in that warmth efficiently.

Bamboo is a natural material that grows much faster than hardwood and so is a better renewable resource if you want to be environmentally friendly. A bamboo floor, like hardwood, is easy to clean and durable. As it gets older if it loses it’s original shine or becomes damaged you can have the floor re-sanded and varnished to make it look good again.

Again, if you have underfloor heating tiles are a great option. They heat up quickly and retain heat well. You can combine tiles with rugs to bring in some colour and warmth into a room. You can even have wood look tiles if you like the thought of a wooden floor but you want something that’s stronger. Tile types used for the interior are glazed ceramic and porcelain. Terracotta tiles look beautiful in kitchens and Quarry tiles look stunning in any room. Tiles are low maintenance and like wood, they are ideal for allergy sufferers or pet owners.