Last year Barclay’s published their 2018 Home Improvement Survey. They discovered that more people are making the decision to improve their homes, rather than move. And, this year, one year on, this is still a popular option.

So, just where should you concentrate on to ensure your home’s on-trend? Here are four ideas to get you started.



Create an inspiring space outside where you can go to relax, entertain and grow flowers, plants and shrubs. A designer can help you to use up every inch of space so that you can make the most of your garden, as well as providing a wonderful view from your home. You can make pathways, shady corners and different levels by using plants, water features and grassy areas. Build an area for a barbecue or space for children to play. You can work with a budget of £500 for basic landscaping or spend up to £30,000 on a large garden that’s professionally designed and landscaped.

Now you have a beautiful garden, make the most of the view by bringing the outside in. Bi-folding doors look stunning if they open out to a well-kept garden. They bring in plenty of natural light and create a feeling of space, even in narrow rooms. Most bi-folding doors have low u values and triple glazing will keep the heat in and the noise out. Choose bi-folding doors with multi-locking and on-line track systems which will make it virtually impossible for an intruder to break in.


A kitchen designer can help you to create a space that’s functional and looks gorgeous too. On-trend this year are darker colours for cabinets in larger kitchens and a mix of white and pastel colours like mint green or pale blue, in smaller areas. Use natural materials for worktops. Wood, stone and glass are popular at the moment.


Still trending this year are spa bathrooms. Install a spa bath so that you can relax in the bubbles with the smell of your favourite aromatic oil. Decorate the bathroom in a calming colour and buy some eye-catching dispensers for your soap, shampoos and conditioners. Add plenty of fluffy towels and a luxurious bath mat and you have just created a room to enjoy a gorgeous spa experience in your own home.