You will surely agree, that French people are chic and stylish by nature. They give the impression, that look fashionable and create the perfect home design is something you just born with. We will show you, that French style at your home is something you can learn and create. Just read on, what´s the spirit of French interior design and find out the simple rules of that chic art.

Art of French style

Mix modern and old style

Maybe you are afraid of mixing different styles,  patterns and colours, but believe the French sense of esthetics, old bookcase with a modern geometric painting hanging above can be a perfectly confusing combination. Old furniture pieces provide to your home style and elegance, whilst new, fresh and coloured accessories offer the smooth connection between history and nowadays. Dare to mix old wooden table with a chic glass vase, or antique chair with stylish coloured lamp and let those two separated worlds flow into one.


French white walls

Have you ever noticed, that a white colour is traditionally linked to a French design? If you live in luxurious Paris centre, or so in a small provencal village, be sure, that your walls will be snow white. White colour lightens your home, reflects the outdoor light and provides beautiful space to your endless creativity. Try dark green or bright orange rug, which perfectly complete original wooden floor. Nice coloured and patterned little rug absorbs the noise from the walking and adds a warmth and contrast to your walls. For a harmonic interior look, pair always complementary colours, that sit opposite the colour wheel.


Gilded bronze furniture

Nothing can represent French style better than gilded bronze. Gilt-bronzed firedogs, clocks and wall-lights played an important role in the French interior from 17th until 19th century. Bronzed massive mirrors, frames or chandeliers provide a proper amount of a luxury twinkle and aristocratic hint. Bronzed colour with pure white will give your room the castle chamber impression. Of course, don´t overdo it with bronze and turn down a posh feeling by a warm and homey elements.


Vintage style

The goal of a vintage style is to step into your house and think to yourself:“ This house is in great shape for its age.“ Even if it is brand new. To achieve the nostalgic effect, impact the wood to your entire home, even on walls and ceilings. Apply on wood only thin paint coats to look weathered, not too new. Choose antique and authentic lights, which corresponds to the whole home character. Arranging your furniture, use old dressers and chairs with thin paint coats of pastel or mint colours. Hang a monochrome paints on your walls and also try a bronzed frames and mirrors. Essential for a real vintage French style is to be sensible when choosing home accessories. Feel content to collect such a cliche as a tea set, table lamp, sideboard and a flower cushion.


Celebrate a French style at your home and create an interior that reflects your unique personality by following this simple design rules.