Are you considering hanging wallpaper rims to make your room look better? We offer you a clear step-by-step outline for hanging techniques. It is not so difficult! Just carry on reading.

How to do it?

Division of wallpapered walls by rims

The rims are suitable e.g. to divide walls, on which are many wallpaper patterns.

Before you cut the upper half of the wallpaper, mark a straight line on the wall for a rim e.g. by a bubble tube. Now you can hang the wallpaper on the upper half of the area to the line.


It is better to use especially the glue for rims, spread by a lambskin roller or a brush. Pay attention to prescribed time of soaking. Now it can be stuck on the wallpaper. The glue which comes out should be wiped off with a wet sponge.
Stick the wallpaper for the lower part that it will overhang the rim.


Cut the overhang precisely. Again wipe off the glue with the sponge.
You may force the edges to joints by the roller.


Hanging the wall cassettes

The wall cassettes are separate areas, which are edged with a rim.

Here are used different wallpaper patterns. To stock, the cassettes precisely
use a plummet and a spirit level. Mark the lines for the rim.


Now we hang the wallpaper towards the lines so that the joints will be covered by the rim. The second pattern wallpaper inside part of the cassette. Let the strip of the wallpaper overhang downwards. Along a ruler cut the overhangs. By this method, you reach a precise joint of wallpaper.


To have right-angled edges firstly cut upper and vertical rims. Corners should be cut angle-wise 45° by a triangle. As a base for cutting is suitable a glass plate. The rims could be wet on the back side. Then you can easier work with them. Now spread the glue on the rims by a lambskin roller or a brush.


After the prescribed time of soaking stick the rims on the wallpaper joints.
The fourth stripe will adopt to the first one.


You can glue a strip with a little overhang and then cut it.
The stripes should be pressed by a moss rubber roller. And the cassette is done now.


Tips for rims

In case you have not found any suitable rim, you can cut also strips of wallpaper as a rim.By the back-to-back rims, it is important to plan the length of the rim according to the pattern.Then the corners will fit. It is very good to cover inaccurate ends of the wallpaper by the rims.

Edges of doors and windows

Any gateways such as doors and windows could be edged with rims.
As you plan the edge, care about symmetric distances of the rims. Determine the length of the rim
and bring over the distance from the doors or the window by a pin.
Stripes, cut in the ends askew, can be stuck with the pins. In case the joint is not accurate, you can “better” it by a double connecting cut.


Gateways between rooms

Cut the wallpaper (stuck on the wall) around the gateway with an overhang approximately 1 cm.
On the curved parts, the wallpaper is cut with distance 2 cm.
Now you can stick the suitable strip. If you don’t want to buy a new rim, you can also use an old wallpaper.



By wallpapers with dense pattern do not you a rim with the same dense pattern. To retiring pattern otherwise is a suitable dense pattern. For many patterns of wallpaper exist also suitable rims.

Have you thought of everything?


  • a rim of a wallpaper
  • wallpapering prepared glue


  • bubble tube
  • folding ruler
  • plumb bob
  • pencil
  • wallpapering square / square steel
  • snap-off knife
  • triangle
  • sponge
  • underlay for cutting
  • scissors
  • lambskin roller
  • brush
  • moss rubber roller
  • roller for joints