As it is often said “new year – new me” …or we can switch it into “new year – new home”. We offer you awesome home decor trends for 2016. There’s no need to worry about spending much money as you’ll find out that simplicity is becoming more and more popular.

Simple Home Decor Trends

Geometric shapes

Just like last year, prints are a huge decor trend for 2016, and the wonderful thing is that the more they clash, the better, so you really don’t need to worry about matching! There are a few stand-out prints that represent the geometric trend: there’s the newly popular honeycomb, the easy-going triangle and chevron which is proving that it has a ton of staying power.

Our tip

The easiest way to incorporate geometric shapes is by having a few different prints on your scatter cushions, giving your room loads of personality. Your picture frames and ornaments may already reflect elements of this trend without you even realising it. Take this up a notch by adding a few metal geometric bowls or pieces — simple, yet effective.


Beautiful copper

The best part about this 2016 home decor trend is that it looks so expensive, but doesn’t have to be. A fab way to bring metals into a space is by incorporating another very popular trend — the statement light. This can be in the form of a few low-hanging pendants over a counter or dining table, or with one large free-standing lamp in your dining or lounge area.  Statement pieces like these really make an impact in a room.

Our tip

Try a mix of metals teamed with a natural-looking material, like a wooden bench or wicker baskets. This mixing of materials is super chic, and prevents a room from looking too stagnant or one dimensional.


Luxe texture

Adding a range of texture to a room gives it dimension and depth. This is great for making smaller spaces feel larger, and for making spaces feel warm and inviting. For winter, the big texture trend is the divine chunky cable knit, which you can incorporate in throws and poufs.  Mix this with luxurious-looking fabrics — anything that’s silky or fluffy — rustic fabrics, and grainy or  matt ceramics. The result will be incredibly chic!

Our tip

Worried that all of these 2016 home decor trends will break the bank? You don’t have to constantly go out and buy new things. Simply moving things around in the home will instantly give them a new lease of life. Just because you bought something for your bedroom, doesn’t mean it won’t work in your lounge.


Simple Scandinavian

This look for is incredibly modern edge and chic, clean lines. In 2016, the Scandi trend is set to get taken up a notch and extend beyond just furniture — think minimal décor, clean, white or neutral colour schemes and a mix of materials, with an emphasis on wooden items.

Our tip

This is probably our favourite of all the 2016 home decor trends because it gives you the perfect opportunity to mix a range of trends in your home — copper accents, geometric prints and a ton of texture mixed with simple furniture will give you a Scandinavian-inspired room in no time, without you having to try too hard.


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