Here at Making World Beautiful, we offer a build and design service for residential properties in the London area. During the lockdown, we have been working from home and found that being apart meant bringing a project together was sometimes a challenge. Messages would get missed and invoices weren’t sent on time. Design and floor plans were also difficult to access.

Our interior designers were having difficulties too. Normally they’re able to visit the client, or the client can come to our offices. That way we can show our mood boards and suggestions for furniture pieces face to face. Having to do this using email and Zoom calls just wasn’t the same.

After a lot of discussions, we decided to look for a system which would streamline our admin as well as improve the efficiency of our customer service. To be honest, it didn’t take long. We’ve been registered with Houzz for some time now. Their website helps us showcase our work and reviews and attract new quality clients. Through the website, we found out about Houzz Pro.

Houzz Pro is a software solution that promises to do exactly what we were looking for, so we thought we would give it a try. The whole team also liked that they could use the Houzz Pro app from their phones and tablets, which lets us work from anywhere.

The leads that come through from our Houzz profile are available to review in both the Houzz Pro site and app. This means that we can also follow up with leads using our phones when we’re on the go. And with the management tool, we can keep track of all communication with potential clients. The whole team now know exactly where we are with a project, simply by checking Houzz Pro.

Next we looked at the invoicing tool. You can add items as you’re going along on the project. So nothing gets left out, and you don’t have a long list of things to add at the end. When its time to do the invoice you can prepare it and then save it until it’s ready to send out to the client.

But that wasn’t the best part. Our designers loved the visualisation tools, they’re a real game-changer and have been so useful when we can’t work in the office or visit clients in their homes.

We used it with a client who wanted us to design, build and provide an interior design service. She loved that we could show her the 3D plans in the dollhouse view, which allowed her to walk through the space and see our ideas for the furniture. It meant our client had a much better idea of how the room would look in reality and got her even more excited about the project. The Houzz Pro visualisation tools also help us to avoid potential delays down the line as clients can better visualise the finished design and changes aren’t needed later on.

We’ve also loved the mood board feature as they are so easy to create and share and again, something our clients have loved. It is so convenient being able to share photographs and visualisations through the Houzz Pro app. It’s a real time-saver too!

The Houzz Pro software, and the app, in particular, have definitely improved our processes. Each client file has everything in one place and most importantly, it is easily accessed by anyone in the team involved in the project. But best of all it has meant we can offer a better standard of customer service, and that is the icing
on the cake!

*Disclosure: This is sponsored by Houzz. However, all information included in this post is real based on my firm’s numbers and experience. My opinions are my own.