Over time we gradually accumulate ‘stuff’ which either gets stored in a garage or loft or creates piles on the floor and in cupboards and drawers.

Cleaning takes longer as there’s more to move and finding things you need becomes much more difficult. When this happens, you know it’s time for a home detox.
If you’re not good at throwing things away it can be a little overwhelming. Do it room by room so that it doesn’t seem such a hard task.

Put the stuff you don’t need in piles. For example, have a pile for disposal, another for recycling, a pile for the charity shop and a pile for things you could sell on e-bay. Once you have gone through the whole room, get rid of the piles straight away. Head out the tip or the charity shop and do an e-bay listing or advertise in your local paper. You’ll be amazed at how popular your unwanted stuff can be. Once you’ve de-cluttered you’ll feel better. Your home will be easier to clean, and you won’t waste valuable time looking for things under piles of papers, books or in boxes.

Next, put everything back in its proper place. Things that have been left hanging about can be put away, especially now you should have more room in drawers and cupboards. Now it’s time to pass a critical eye over your rooms. You needn’t spend a fortune to make your home look good. Small things can really make a difference. For example, do your doors need a lick of paint,
could the sofa do with the addition of some colourful cushions? Maybe you could update your lampshades or add some plants to your home. A new set of towels for the bathroom or new blind in the kitchen can make all the difference.

There’s something else you’ll benefit from by de-cluttering. If you need more space and you don’t want to move. How about using the garage space and convert it into a stylish dining room or create a bedroom with en-suite bathroom in the loft? Now you’ve got of all the rubbish you’ve created the space to add a room to your home, there are no more excuses about where to put the stuff that was stored in the garage and the loft. It’s gone.

De-cluttering your home will make you feel better and keep your home clean and tidy. It might seem a little overwhelming at first but imagine how’ll you’ll feel at the end of a busy day when you get home and know that everything is in its place and the time you save searching around for things can be spent relaxing.


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