Each year in the UK people suffer from allergies caused by dust mites and other pollutants. To protect yourself and the people who live with you there are certain steps you can take to improve air quality:

Don’t Smoke Indoors

The smoke coming out of a smoker’s mouth, together with the tobacco from a lit cigarette is called second hand smoke. It’s this smoke that causes respiratory infections and even heart disease to non-smokers. Just being in the same room as a smoker is harmful. It’s important therefore to keep your home tobacco free so that nobody living with you is exposed to second hand smoke.

Keep the Dust Mites at Bay

Dust mites cause respiratory diseases like asthma, so reducing the dust in your home can help anyone living with you from suffering due to dust mites. Change your bedding at least once a week and give your mattress a hoover down at the same time. Dust furniture with a damp cloth and try not to use sprays which contain chemicals.

Dust mites love carpets and curtains, so if you do have an allergy sufferer at home think about taking out the carpet and replacing it with a wooden floor and swapping the curtains for blinds.

Use Natural Deodorisers – Avoid Plug-Ins

Plug-ins contain chemicals that can be harmful. They can affect your lungs and even your hormones. There are natural ways you can make your home smell fresh. Try making your own scent using ingredients like lemon, rosemary, vanilla extract and water. You can also use flowers, plants or potpourri.

Invest in a De-Humidifier

If you have a humid environment it will mean that mildew and mould will grow on your walls. It can cause asthma, runny nose, sneezing, coughing and skin rashes.

A de-humidifier will reduce the humidity levels by sucking the moisture out of the air, which will immediately mean less humidity for mould to grow. De-humidifiers come in a range of sizes and budgets so that finding one to suit your home and your pocket shouldn’t be difficult.

Use Natural Cleaning Products

Try and steer away from cleaning products which contain harmful chemicals. Instead look for those which have natural ingredients that won’t harm the atmosphere or your skin.

Buy Plants

Plants use carbon dioxide to process it into oxygen, that’s photosynthesis. Therefore, having plants in your home will take away some of the toxic air to improve air quality. Look out for plants such as the Peace Lilly, Devil’s Ivy, Snake Plant, Lady Palm or Weeping Fig.