How to make a room look bigger? This question bothers many flat and house owners. Colours and furniture are the vital factors. The right combination has the power to make even the smallest room seem spacious. There’re some tips on how to use colours and furniture layout wisely, to enlarge the room.

How To Make A Room Look Bigger
With Colours

White With Accents

White always makes rooms look large. White goes with everything, and nothing is unsuitable. It is ideal to use bold coloured furniture and decorations. Wooden design is also a popular decor style for 2016. You can make a one colourful wall accent to bring ‘freshness’ into your home. Try a deep shade of red, azure blue, emerald green or black and white stripes. If the other three walls stay white, your room will look spacious.


Fruity Tones

Yellow is a great colour for small rooms, but make it too bright or too dark. Pale, creamy and banana yellow make a wonderful effect. A soft shade of lemon is interesting too. Try using darker contrasts, mainly in a narrow room.
Imagine how stripes make a rotund figure seem slimmer! It also applies to narrow rooms. Stripes are the way how to make a room look bigger. With yellow stripes, select a citrus theme – a sorbet orange or light lime green.


Sea Shades

What about a neutral room that still integrates colour? Lighter bluish and greenish colours create a soothing atmosphere which makes enlarging and brightening effect. Sea foam green is ideal as it works well with many other tones (pink, blue, white, yellow). Use a darker trim in the same spectrum, using a vibrant emerald, a rich forest green, or a vivid glass-bottle green.
Blue perfectly fits with white carpets as well. Try using a white trim in your blue room to create a Scandinavian look that automatically expands the space. Keep your window frames white for more spaciousness.


Impressive Pastels

Pastel tones brighten any space and make it look bigger. Light pink, peach, mauve, and lilac or lavender are especially impressive colours. They might be too much on their own. Don’t forget to combine it with white and creamy tones. Windows and door frames should stay neutral. Use throw pillows and rugs to make it United.


How To Make A Room Look Bigger
With Furniture Layout

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are the quickest way how to make a room look bigger. Try leaning an oversized full-length mirror against a key wall. Or hang multiple ones in a salon style to create a statement wall.


Use Multifunctional Pieces

To streamline a room, put there the multifunctional furniture. Try a vintage steamer trunk or a sofa with built-in storage to hide blankets and books for a clean look.


Coloured Ceiling

While bright white walls open up a room, a dark ceiling creates depth. While fun fixtures draw your eye upward, creating the illusion of height.


Think Big

Somebody may assume that you should only decorate a small space with small furniture. But one prominent furniture piece such as a statement armchair will keep the space uncluttered and open.


Space It Out

Putting furniture against the wall doesn’t guarantee a larger room. Try putting your bed or a sofa in the living room with a skinny console behind it. The seeing room around your furniture creates the appearance of more space.


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