If you want a table in your kitchen, but there isn’t enough room to have one up permanently, invest in a fold-away table and chairs. Look for a double drop-leaf and you can quickly create enough space for up to four people. You can store fold-up chairs against a wall or tuck away in an alcove.

Do you want friends and family to be able to stay over, but you don’t have a spare room? No problem. Get yourself a sofa bed. They are available in a whole host of designs and colours with sizes that will fit into most rooms. You can also buy a chair bed or a mattress cube, which is ideal for one person.

If you want space in your bedroom, but a bed is taking up all the room, how about a fold-up bed? This allows you the comfort of a large bed, but without taking up all the available space. It means when the bed is up against the wall you have enough room to move about. You can use the room for other things like creating an office space. You can a buy fold-up bed ready-made, or have it designed and built by a carpenter.

The Office
If you need to create office space, but you don’t have a spare room there are plenty of ways you can use the other rooms in your home. You can adapt the lounge, kitchen, bedroom and even the hallway to utilise space for a small office. Look around for a slim table. Or, you can even use a shelf as a desk and you can fit it into a spare corner or an unused space in any room. You can even make an office out of a cupboard or under the stairs if both are tall enough. Fit in some shelves and add a chair and hey presto you’ve got a mini office.

If you have a garden or a patio, you can create an extra space for relaxing during the warmer months. All you need is a small table and a couple of chairs and you’ve got a place you can sit and chill out after a hard day. Even if you only have a balcony you can put in a small table and a couple of chairs. Brighten up the space with lots of colourful flowering plants. Now you’ve got another attractive area in your home.

The Decor
Take care when decorating too if you have a small home. The minimalist look is a good one as it will always give the feeling of space. Paint the walls in pale colours and don’t use heavy curtains at the
windows. Blinds will give you privacy while letting the available light flood in. You can colour with furnishing accessories such as throws and cushions.

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