It’s getting warmer and warmer, and new interior design trends for summer are coming! We are bringing you fresh ideas for your home to make it look stylish and trendy.

Fresh and clean Scandinavian style still prevails. It's typical white colour is an excellent base for every room. In summer 2017, pastel colours will be trendy. By using wood floor and furniture, you’ll make the room look brilliant. Attractive decorations are often the key to success…

Interior Design Trends for Summer
Room by Room

We know that each room has to have its unique character. Let’s look at the ideas for each of them.


“There is beauty in simplicity” – this saying applies to the interior design as well. The simple look is accompanied with pastel colours. Pastel cushions, a lamp, picture frames or green plants add a fresh accent to white or greyish walls.  The tiny yellow chair in the picture is an excellent example of bringing summer into a living room. The fluffy chair and a small ottoman are also parts of the summer trend. A light wood floor with a white-black striped carpet is just perfect. Attractive patterns are definitely in. The curtains can be pastel, soft-gray or also transparent to let the summer sunlight come in.
The fancy thing for summer 2017 is using 2 or 3 little stool instead of one bigger tea-table.



White walls are accompanied by wood accents and green plants, e.g. succulents. It makes the room look more natural and eco-friendly (which is really popular). The main accent in this bedroom is put on the dark carpet. Add a fluffy rug and cushions to make the room feel even cosier.  And don’t forget the pastel decorations!
According to the interior design trends for summer 2016, this type of wooden bed is a hot summer speciality.


Kids’ Room

A place for kids needs to be as cosy as possible. With white, grey and soft pastel colours, we stay in the interior design trends for summer 2017. To make the kids’ room feel cosy, it’s best to use gentle and fluffy cushions and blankets. Add a little sunshine with refreshing yellow decorations (e.g. pillows, lamps, boxes). The more original and creative decorations, the better. A soft carpet is a great option, but you can also use light wood floor with a patterned rug.
A particular sign of the interior design trends for summer a kids’ room is represented by unusual patterns. In the picture, you can see bananas, little hands, or even a cute face.



Your entrance hall is the very first place you see when you come home. For this summer, the pastel colours are great for doors as well. Soft pink is a fine example. Put a dark doormat on a light wood, tile or vinyl floor to create a nice contrast. It’s natural that you want it to have the warmth of home. You should put there more of your decorations (e.g. photos, souvenirs, plants). Use simple pastel wooden shelves that match the overall look of the room. It will fill the possible emptiness of white walls.
In summer 2017, wicker is trendy. In the picture, there is a specific wicker-basket, which can be used e.g. for hats, scarves or gloves


Pastel colours are amazing for bathrooms too. Simple soft turquoise storage cabinets are perfect with grey ceiling and grey tiles. Marble is the dominant trend for summer 2017 as it creates a luxurious look. Glass shower makes the bathroom even more stylish. Put the shower creams and shampoos into storage cabinets to keep the clean look. Keep out just those decorations that match the colour scheme of the room.
An uncovered hanging light above a sink is a speciality for summer 2017. It makes the bathroom seem cleaner and simpler, which is typical for the actual Scandinavian style.


A simple white kitchen unit is the best option for summer 2017. White walls make the kitchen look clean. As we’ve already mentioned, the nice decorations are extremely important. Mugs, plates, dish-cloths, lamps or toasters in pastel colours are great. Use also green plants and wooden pieces of furniture.
A special highlight of the interior design trends for summer 2017 is a pastel retro fridge (SMEG).


In your workspace, you don’t want to get distracted. The Scandinavian white design places function first, and it simplifies everything, which makes the perfect atmosphere for productivity. However, you want the workspace to be enjoyable as well. Therefore, you should put there some nice personal decorations. Again, pastel colours are the best option to create a calm atmosphere. Be careful not to overuse them. Workspace needs lots of boxes and trays to keep it organised. Simple pastel carton boxes are cheap and good-looking.
Plastic pastel chair with wooden legs is a stylish speciality for a workspace too.


Those Were The Interior Design Trends for Summer 2017

As you’ve read, decorating a room properly is really important. In our company Making World Beautiful, we have brilliant decorators and painters. Try our services!