Spending money on good door locks to feel and secure in your home is a worthwhile investment. Here’s a quick guide on how to secure your home and make it difficult for intruders to get inside.

Front Door

Don’t use glass panels if you can avoid it, or use laminated panels and toughened glass. It is always easier for someone to get into your property through glass and that’s why it is better to have a solid front door.

Before you have a new lock fitted make sure the door itself is strong and undamaged. Check that the hinges are secure so that it’s not easy to kick the door open. If you want extra security fit a door chain and, if you can’t see who is at your front door from a window consider fitting a spy hole.

The front door lock will be most secure if it is a five-lever mortice deadlock. These locks are strong and hard to pick open, so they will deter burglars.

Back Doors

Again, avoid glass if you can and fit a 2-bolt sash lock with mortice rack bolts to make it even stronger. If your back-door area is particularly dark, it would be a good idea to fit a night-light. You can choose one that stays on for the whole night or comes on when there is movement.

French Doors

Hinge bolts are a good idea if your doors open outwards. You can also fit mortice bolts or rack bolts, which will give you extra security along with a mortice lock. Make sure the door hinges are at least 3 inches in length and are fitted securely to the door frame.

Patio Doors

An intruder may be able to lift a patio door off its hinges, but if you fit an anti-lift device this won’t happen. Fit an extra lock and if your patio door is secluded then think about a door alarm which will go off if the door is tampered with.

Smart Door Locks

Fairly new onto the market are smart door locks. A smart door lock uses a card, a special key fob or a phone app to open your door without the need for keys. At the moment there aren’t any statistics to show how safe the locks are, but they are becoming popular because they are very convenient.

Yale, who are a well-established UK company sell a keyless connected smart lock, which allows you to open the door with a key card, fob or pin code. It has an integrated 80db alarm and it is compatible with 60mm backset nightlatches.

Whatever method you choose to secure your doors, it won’t work if you leave a key on a string or under a rock in the garden or the doormat. If you want to have a spare key handy, arrange to leave it with a family member or trusted friend.