Are you looking for some extra space in your home? If you’ve got enough space outside, a garage or a loft then you can consider an extension. It will give you the extra room you need without having the expenses of selling up and looking for a new home.

Planning Permission

It is always best to check with your local authority planning department before starting any work. However, there are many types of extensions that don’t need planning permission as long as certain rules are followed. For example, there are height and length restrictions for most extensions. A single storey extension can’t be higher than the original property or more than 4 metres in height. A double storey extension can’t be more than 7 metres to the rear boundary. Finally, an extension cannot take up more than half your garden.

Rear Extension

A rear extension can extend between 6 and 8 metres depending on the property if it is a single storey dwelling, or 3 metres if it is a double storey. The rear of the property end at the original rear wall or how the property was on the 1st July 1948. You can check this from your Deeds. Rear extensions are popular methods of extending kitchens or making the lounge bigger. Rear extensions will cost around £15,000 for a basic build and that doesn’t include electrics or windows.

Side Extension

Side extensions can only be single storey. They can’t be more than half the width of the original property and no more than 4 metres high. Again, they are popular for extending or adding kitchens our downstairs bathrooms. The costs are around the same as a rear extension, starting at around £15,000.

Garage Conversions

If the only thing you use your garage for is storing rubbish, then converting it into a dining room or an office could give you the extra space you need. Most garages if not in conservation areas will not require planning permission. A basic garage conversion starts at around £22,000 for a single storey and around £35,000 for a two-storey build.


Basement conversions can be pricey. Depending on the size and the type of house you have prices can start at about £50,000 for a below ground basement space in a semi-detached or terraced home. Basements may need planning permission, so it best to check with your local authority and of course you’ll need to add this to your costs.

Loft Conversions

Loft conversions are a popular way to gain an extra bedroom. You need to add dormer windows and electrics to the costs, as well as any other fixtures you intend to install such as an en-suite bathroom. The basic cost of converting an average size loft start at around £20,000.


Adding a conservatory is an affordable way to make more space and create another room on the ground floor. Depending on the type of conservatory you choose prices start at around £11,000 and can rise upwards to £20,000 or £25,000.  

Whatever type of extension you want to add to your property there will always be building regulations to follow even if you don’t need planning permission. Check with your local authority, or make sure the company you use for the work supplies you with up to date information.