There was a time when decorating a room included splashing a coat of paint on the ceiling and leaving it at that. Now though, it’s become fashionable to use your ceiling as a focal point. It’s somewhere to show off colour and design to great effect.

Paint It with Colour
Lighter colours will make a room look bigger, but if you want a cosy feel paint the ceiling and the walls the same colour. If you have white walls you can paint your ceiling in a bold contrasting colour which will draw the eye and create a dramatic effect.

Add a Medallion
You can create a look from past with ceiling medallions that reflect the Victorian or the Georgian era. You can get them decorated with cherubs, swirling leaves and flower designs such as daisies and roses. If you want something modern to opt for a mirrored medallion in silver or gold.

Install Ceiling Beams
Ceiling beams add character to your rooms. They can be installed using wood, polymer resins or recycled plastic. After installation, they can be varnished or painted for a traditional or modern feel. You can create a cosy cottage style room or an open-style Scandinavian look.

Use Wallpaper
Using wallpaper can create a real style statement if you use it on the ceiling. Be bold if you’re creative or make use of metallics and beading. You can use the same wallpaper on the ceiling and the walls, or you can go for a subtle change. If you’re brave choose something that will really get people looking up when they enter the room and opt for a design that can’t be ignored.

Put up a ceiling mural
If you want to create some drama in your room, why not put up a ceiling mural? Want the sky to come indoors? Then get yourself a sky mural complete with birds and clouds to bring the outdoors in. There are world maps and tropical plants. You can even get 3D ceiling murals in classic and abstract designs. Invest in some Ceiling Panels. Ceiling panels are available in a wide range of colours and styles. White panels are perfect if you need to create a feeling of space. You can also opt for wood panelling to bring warmth into a room. They can also be fitted to help with soundproofing.

Invest in some Tin
For an authentic vintage feel, use tin or faux tin tiles on your ceiling. You can buy them in varying colours and styles and they can be installed in any room in your home. You can use them in the bathroom or kitchen because they last well in heat and humidity.


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