You know it. Old, shabby, unnecessary table, or dresser in your garage, waiting for its design rebirth. Maybe, you have many old furniture pieces, which are laid out of sight unnoticed. We are going to show you, how to renew and restore old furniture and make it modern and vivid again.


Four steps to renew old furniture


  • Goggles
  • Cloth gloves
  • One large metal scarper
  • Small wooden brush
  • Toothbrush
  • No.2 steel wool
  • Rags and string
  • Glue
  • Latex or oil paints
  • Polyurethane varnish
  • Primer
  • Wallpaper nad fabrics
  • Staple gun
  • Adhesive wood

Check furniture condition

Before you start with restore, check the condition of your furniture carefully. In a case of a wooden table, take a look at the quality of wood hidden under layers of paint or varnish, undersides and chipped places as well. The most favourite materials for work are oak, walnut, maple, pine and birch. Find yourself a well lighted and ventilated place for work (shed is the best choice).


Preparation of furniture

In the beginning, wash the hidden part of furniture with soapy water (later the whole piece) and wait, what comes off. If you don´t succeed with water, flow on semi-paste stripper gently and wait for an hour. Next step is to remove paint without wood hurting by using a stripper. The rest can be cleaned with liquid stripper. Use wooden scrapers for removing the softened paint and allow the cleaned piece to dry for a day or more. Then rub the table with No.2 steel wool and finally, dust it with a rag. You can finish by using a coat of polyurethane.


Applying paint colour

Be patient and apply colour lightly and wait a few minutes. Then repeat the staining. Don´t try to skip this steps and get the bold colour quickly in one paint coat. Otherwise, the result won´t be very nice. Let the paint dry for a day and then varnish it. If you have chosen latex or oil paints, let´s see the advantages of each other. Latex paints are water soluble, and thus, the cleanup is really easy. Oil-based paints, on the other hand, contain chemical solvents and the best solution is outdoor working, but they have better coverage ability and are characterised by richer colours.


Creative ways of renewing

In a case of old sofas and chairs, you can change upholstery and seat cushion and replace it with new materials and colours. Just remove the old fabric from the seat cushion and use it as a template to cut the new one. Then wrap the fabric over the seat and attach it by using a staple gun.


With an adhesive wood, you can renew the surface of your bed and change completely your bedroom style.


Boring bookshelf? Glamorise it with coloured wallpaper applied to the background of the bookshelf.


The old wooden chair can be painted according to your abilities or just wrap it with some nice paper or fabric.


Sometimes, old furniture is so beautiful itself, that minimal recovery is needed. But if you are a modern pieces fan, don´t wait, until the wood turns into a useless, damaged mass and change it to your favourite pop. Good luck!