There are no hard and fast rules for painting costs. Much will depend on where you live and also the painter you choose. The cost of hiring a painter in London could be different than hiring a painter in Sunderland. A useful tip though is to decide how much money you would lose if you took the time off work to do the painting yourself and then compare that to the cost of hiring a painter.

So, what needs to be considered when looking to get a good painter but not to invest much money into it?
We’d like to give you a brief explanation of what the costs for painting and decorating services in the United Kingdom.

Painter and Decorator Prices


How to cut paint costs?

  • Using fewer colors will save time and money because you will have less leftover paint and less time in creating clean cut lines and cleaning brushes and rollers.
  • Refresh the previous colors rather than changing colors. This means you will probably only need one coat of paint.
  • If you hire a painting contractor, clear out and protect the room yourself. A contractor will need to charge more if he needs to cover furniture and protect fixtures.
  • Use latex/acrylic (water-based) paints. These go on quicker, dry faster, and clean up more easily.
  • Rather than painting a whole room, consider just adding some accents for new freshness and energy. Painting just the trim or a door, or adding an accent wall can completely transform the look of a room.


Where not to cut paint costs?

  • Paint Quality
    Spend the extra money to purchase high-quality paints. These will look better for a longer time, resisting fade and scuffing. They will also cover in fewer coats, saving money and time.
  • Surface Preparation
    No paint looks good on an uneven, scruffy, dented and scratched up the wall. Whether you paint yourself or hire a professional painter, insist on quality surface preparation.
  • Safety
    Do not risk the safety of your family or your home by using improper ladders or stacking stools on top of chairs. Do not hire a painting contractor who is not properly insured and licensed. Insist on using enough plastic and tape to cover all valuables and non-painted surfaces.