According to the New Science, it can take less than 5 minutes for a fire to take over a room. That doesn’t leave you much time to take action.

Although the majority of households now own a smoke alarm, many don’t check to see that the batteries are working or disable them because they are too sensitive and go off at the slightest hint of smoke from the kitchen.

Some alarms don’t even wake people who are sleeping deeply and that can be a problem. The Nest alarm is something completely different.

Firstly, it speaks to you. Yes, really, it will tell what’s wrong and the location of the problem, so if you’re in bed and there’s smoke downstairs you’ll be told. Deep sleeper?  The Nest has an industrial grade alarm with a loud tone but added to that it will also phone you, so you’ll have two types of noise coming through to you.

If the alarm goes off because you’ve burnt the toast, there’s no need to grab a chair and risk a fall while you’re trying to turn it off. Just grab your phone and the Nest App will silence the alarm with a tap from your finger.

It won’t go off while you're having a shower either. The special humidity sensor makes sure it doesn’t confuse steam for smoke.

Are you always forgetting to check your batteries? The nest alarm checks the batteries and the sensors daily, in fact over 400 times a day. The siren and speaker are checked once a month, but you won’t hear it because it does it silently. If you want to do a manual check, open the app on your phone and tap the screen. Each alarm will be tested and then you’ll be sent a full report.

At night when you first turn your lights off you, just for an instant, you’ll see a soft green glow that tells you everything has checked and is in order. If you get up in the night the alarm will light up as you pass underneath it, so you don’t have to put the main light on and wake others sleeping in the house.

You can combine a Nest Alarm with their other products. For example, if you have a Bosch oven and your alarm tells you their’s smoke you can turn the oven off from your phone to prevent further damage. A Nest Cam can record events from the time your smoke alarm goes off so that you have a record of how a fire occurred.

You can install a Nest thermostat to control your heating system. If it detects a CO leak it will turn off the heating to prevent it from spreading.

If you want to buy any of the products available from Nest, take a look at their website here.