Now the summer’s here it’s a good time to make full use of your conservatory, especially if you don’t use through the winter months. If it’s in need of a makeover here are some tips to you help you make it beautiful.

Decide on a Theme
Decide on a theme before you decorate or buy any furniture so that you can coordinate pieces and create a stylish feel throughout. Shabby chic, country garden, vintage or Scandinavian are popular looks for a conservatory.

Choose Your Colours
Depending on your theme you can either paint or hang wallpaper on the walls. Plain white gives a clean, spacious impression, but printed wallpapers or coloured paint can give your conservatory lots of character, especially if you want a country garden feel, or a jungle look. If you do go for white, you can always add colour with your textiles and accessories.

Pick Your Furnishings
Depending on the size of your conservatory you might want to split it into two areas and have a dining table and sofas and chairs to relax in.You’ll find a lot of conservatory furniture is made from rattan, cane and wicker because it's hardwearing as well as being attractive. Garden centres and hardware stores sell popular furniture designs or you can find a specialist retailer for luxury handmade pieces.

Decorate the Windows
If the sun shines directly on to the conservatory you’ll need something at the windows to create shade. Roller blinds, vertical or venetian blinds are low maintenance choices. Solar shades will cut out glare, UV rays and stop heat from getting through, which means you can sit comfortably in your conservatory even on a really hot day.

Bring the Outside In
Using plants will bring colour and keep the air fresh. If you want plants that require minimal maintenance then buy palms like Sago or Blue Hesper. Spider plants, succulents and cacti are also good choices. If you don’t mind a bit of work you can put fruit trees in large pots. A particularly good one is the olive tree. They are very hardy. It will stand a winter with no heat and you might be lucky and get a few olives. You can’t eat them straight from the tree though, they need to be cured before you can enjoy them.