Maybe you are confused with small space in your kitchen and dream of a big place for cooking. Or at least of place that seems bigger. Stop dreaming and try our tips to make your small kitchen feel really airy and bigger. There is no need to big house reconstruction or knock out a kitchen wall. Just follow our tips and you will be surprised how easily you can magic your new spacious kitchen with no claustrophobia feeling that will provide you all the comfort. Let´s see the 10 ways to make the kitchen look bigger.

10 ways to bigger kitchen

Glass cabinet doors

Replace solid cabinet doors with glass ones. An Incorporating glass is one of the simplest ways to magnify a kitchen. It lets you see through the objects and enhance your feeling of spaciousness. Use glass kitchen doors as well, or mirrors to lighten up space.


Atmospheric lighting

Use incandescent lighting underneath the upper cabinets shining down. Ceiling spotlighting directed at the cabinetry will raise the space shadowing. In recent years, floor lighting is very often used. Little spotlights glowing like starlight at night up from the floor.


Same colour of cabinets and walls

Paint your cabinet and kitchen walls with the same colour to erase visual boundaries. Don´t be afraid of using pale and dark colours as well. Chocolate walls will create the impression that they are farther than they really are.


Small footprint furnishing

Choose slim chairs, petite islands and narrow tables to boost the airy feeling. Avoid chunky furniture legs that add bulk.


New storage

Hide your cabinets or pantry from your sight and space. Orient your cabinet between the wall studs, save your space and have a creative storage area.


Clean lines

For roomier feel don´t use ornaments, heavy patterns and overcrowded cabinets. Stay in clean lines, simple and elegant patterns, elementary colours.


Larger space

Solid kitchen doors divide space into smaller areas. If it´s necessary to use the doors, try glass one. But the best choice is to reduce any separation elements and create a larger space. A low half wall is a natural extension of the cooking place.


Open shelving

Use open shelves or floating shelves with brackets to boost the illusion of a more expansive area. Closed shelves in comparison lend a bulk and weight and, therefore, are not optimal solutions for any small space.


Higher walls

Choose patterns and visual elements that lend the impression of the higher walls. Vertical lines of the wall and ceiling boards are useful and appropriate for that optical illusion. On the contrary, horizontal lines and bold patterns such as dots or flowers narrow the place and make the kitchencozy, but smaller.


Bold colours

You can follow this simple safe rule – pale bright colour always enhances the space size. What you maybe didn´t know, a bold colour can also make the small place bigger. Try banana yellow backsplash, bloody red cabinet, or dark blue countertop for spacious and jazzed atmosphere.