There are so many things about your house that are able to boost your house value before selling process. Next steps will help you to enhance the attractivity of your real estate. Although it´s little bit difficult to determine the house part, that will evaluate your selling intention. Our steps will help you to choose house parts, that should be repaired or modernized.

How to boost a house value

Check defects

Take a look at your interior together with the exterior to reveal and set the whole repair range. House parts, that require your attention such as plumbing, electricity, chimneys work and other technical stuff (septic system, attic), need to be fixed, even if there is nothing major to do. Be aware that also a small deficiency can be essential for potential buyers.


Create space

Anything that opens the space and creates a sense of flow is an advantage for your house. Buyers search for the open areas that boost their imagination. Knock out non-structural walls that make your rooms look narrow.


Take care of your garden

Your exterior is the first thing, that attracts buyers attention and thus, should be accordingly representative. Keep your outer space and garden clean and attractive. A pile of bricks or wood at your garden definitely won´t bring you some extra credits. Unkempt trees and greenery will block your view, block natural light flux and create suitable conditions for humidity and mold.


Interior lighting

Lighting can be one of the most important house characteristic, that sells the house. Replace your old lamps and lighting by new and modern pieces. Get some light to dark places to create more spacious and bright effect. Natural light is even the better choice so make sure that nothing blocks the light transmission into your home (trees, curtains, dirty windows).


Look under your feet

Be careful of material you are standing on and spend some money on floors. Eliminate distracting squeaks, repair broken tails, or just change the whole floor. The return value is 2-3 times bigger than an estimated investment. When changing the new floor, don´t overdo and stay neutral. Very specific colour or material could be very obligated.


Bathroom upgrades

Before putting a house up for sale, make some unnecessary upgrades in a bathroom. Replace frosted glass for clear glass, apply fresh caulk and remove rust stains, otherwise potential buyer can consider your bathroom scruffy. Replace faucets, doorknobs and cabinet pulls. For cheaper and easier upgrades, buy a new toilet seat, which can also change the impression.


Wall painting

Breathe new life into your walls and paint the interior. Certainly, forget about your personal taste and choose neutral tones. If you don´t plan to paint all house, paint almost the worst looking walls. Dirty or greasy walls (kitchen) clean with soaped water first for better colour holding and fixation. Choose a more bright colour for more spacious feeling.


First impression

People make up their minds in the first seven seconds of entering a house. A front door is the first part of your house so don´t underestimate this fact. Your front door should represent all the house and really great idea is to build up some shelter from the sun and rain whilst you are fumbling for your keys.


If you worry about changing floor or painting by yourself, feel free to contact our professional teamMaking World Beautiful