Sliding doors, French doors, shutter doors – those are some special door types. They can bring refreshment into your home’s atmosphere. Whether it is a larger amount of sunlight, space saving or simply style. Let’s look at the assets of some special door types.

Special Door Types

Sliding Doors



Sliding doors create elegance in any home. They provide a sleek and simple look that harmonises with most architectural styles. They have a functional and practical design which offers a flow from area to area.

Saving Space

Sliding doors operate without a hinge – instead of swinging open they just glide along a track. No extra space is required for the door arc as they simply open up by one door sliding over another panel.

Easy Access

They move easily on their rails. To open these doors, you need to gently push them aside. It is useful for mums holding their baby or simply if you have full or dirty hands.


Some sliding doors have eco-friendly elements. For example, Those onesdoors made from renewable, durable wood, which acts as a good insulator.


French Doors

French doors have extra large glass panes running from the top to the bottom of each door panel. This maximises natural light. So you can enjoy floodlit interiors throughout the day.


Indoor – outdoor flow

French doors create a seamless connection between the outdoor and indoor area. They have large glass panes, so they provide you with views of the garden. French doors are a great asset to parents. They offer unlimited views of your home’s outdoor areas. This allows parents to keep an eye on their kids.


They used to be considered as dangerous since they weren’t always installed using safety glass. Today, you can easily get them with shatterproof safety glass.

Energy efficiency

They can be efficient insulators. With them, your home stays cool in the summer and warm in thThosewhich are fitted with composite gaskets offer optimal thermal insulation. It acts as a weather or sound barrier, which keeps drafts, dust and rain out of the home.


Security is an important factor to consider.
One of special door types is French sliding doors. French doors with incorporated gaskets, aluminium seals and fixed leaves where these elements meet are ideal for residential property owners. Hook-over locking mechanism to prevent the sliding leaf from being lifted out of its frame is a good choice. Secure french sliding doors offer engineered stiles for extra stability too.


 Great glazing

You can choose a glazing that reduces harmful UV rays by as much as 98 percent. Energy efficient glazing can prevent energy loss. It provides better acoustic insulation and reduces frost and condensation on the glass.

Shutter Doors

Shutter doors are usually used for keeping the sun out. They are ideal for sunny areas. The shutters can be turned into horizontal or vertical direction. Horizontal position lets the light through while the vertical position keeps the sun out. Shutter doors – as one of the special door types – are stylish and make a romantic look.


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