It’s an easy thing to miss at the planning stage and people often leave it until the last minute. What are we talking about? Lighting. Yes. When you are designing a room it’s not just about the floors, the decoration and the furniture.

Lighting makes a big difference to a room. When it’s used well, it can help to create the atmosphere you want in your home. Lighting also lets you emphasize statement features and brightens up gloomy areas. Take a good look around when you're choosing your lighting options, try to think beyond a central ceiling display. Take a photograph of your room and see where there are shadows and dark corners. Are you going to be displaying artwork or shelving for books or a special collection?

Think about how the room is going to be used. Is it somewhere you are going to sit to relax, watch TV and read? Is it a work area, or is it somewhere you’ll need functional lighting like the kitchen?

Layered Lighting
Create a balanced space with layered lighting. You can start with the central ceiling light and then work your way down. For example, in the lounge, you need to consider whether you want to highlight pictures, posters or photographs. Do you want lights on your shelves? Have you got a piece of furniture of a plant you want as a focal point? Layered lighting means using different lighting methods in the same room. An example of layered lighting in the lounge is a central ceiling light with a freestanding lamp and some table lamps placed
in strategic positions.

Lighting Shelves and Cabinets
If you want to light a cabinet or shelves you can use LED light strips, recessed shelf lighting or LED spotlights. Other ways you can use lighting on shelves is with a lightbox or battery-operated candles. Low-level lighting will illuminate the area but at the same time create a soft glow. Lighting pictures and posters Use track lighting or picture lights to show off paintings or posters. Use LED lamps. They don’t produce heat like traditional lamps, so any original artwork won’t be damaged.

Lighting dark corners
Dark corners can be improved by installing wall-mounted uprisings that give out a warm glow. Spotlights will show off a piece of furniture or an attractive plant you’ve placed in a corner.


Functional lighting
In a kitchen, you’ll need lighting that’s both functional and stylish. A statement pendant light can be placed over the main workspace. Spots can light up the perimeter. Under-cabinet lighting will illuminate your worktops.

Dimmer Switches
Dimmer switches enable you to control the amount of lighting in a room. It helps to create a cosy atmosphere or provide strong lighting when you need it. You will save energy. Light bulbs with dimmer switches last longer, so you don’t need to spend money replacing bulbs so often.


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bringing you today the importance of light. Many times homeowners forget about the lighting at home and what effect it can have on us and on our design. We are discussing today bits that you can improve with natural and hand-made light.  Tune in & Enjoy.