It’s not long now until Christmas. You’re probably thinking about presents or maybe you’ve already got them bought and wrapped. Another thing you should be organising is your table décor for Christmas day lunch.

If you’re lost for ideas on how to decorate your Christmas table, here are some ideas:

First of all, decide on a colour scheme. Traditional Christmas colours are silver, red, green and gold. But, you can ditch tradition and use blues and purple or white and pastel colours. Once you have decided on the colours you want to use you can then begin to shop for accessories.

The Table Runner

First of all, cover your table with a good quality white tablecloth. Then have a browse around the shops on the internet for a table runner that suits your theme. You can pick out a plain runner in a
bold colour or use a delicately patterned runner in champagne or silver. If you want your theme to be fun then there are plenty of quirky runners about with pictures of Santa, skiers, roaming deer and snowy country scenes. A runner can either placed down the centre of the table, or two or three can go across the table.

Once the runner is in place you can then prepare a garland to go on top of it. It’s nice to use some natural foliage. Ivy, poinsettia, Fir and pine cones look beautiful with red berries added to bring the outdoors in. If you prefer something sparkly choose a sprayed leafy garland in silver or gold dressed in pearls or tiny stars. Put some small ornaments amongst the garland. You could have small wooden Robins, Snowmen or Christmas trees. Finish off the decorations with some fat candles or a couple of elegant candelabras at each end of the table.

You can either be traditional and have white dinner service, or retro and have plates in pastel colours. A fun table could have Christmas themed table-wear. Plates with mistletoe, holly, Santa’s
happy face or reindeer aren’t hard to find at this time of year. Even designer ware is available with fun designs. Place your largest plates on the table first with the plates or soup bowls for the first course on top. Then place a water glass and a wine glass above and to the right of each dinner plate. Cutlery works from the outside in, so main course knives and forks are laid out first.

Cloth napkins always look elegant. You can use napkins to add some colour to the table if you have white tableware. Go for festive reds or greens if your sticking to tradition.


Crackers are available in all price ranges, so you can choose how much you want to spend. Harrods and Fortnum and Mason have crackers that cost thousands. While your local supermarket will have the cheap and cheerful kind.

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