Decorated the Front Door

There are lots of ways you can decorate the front door. A good idea for Halloween is cut out the silhouette of a witch in black and give her a shiny silver cape and broomstick to add some sparkle.Another good idea is to make skulls out of paper mâché and hang them on the door or on your front gate

Jazz Up Your Windows

Draw a ghost using white paper and stick in onto the inside of the window so that its face can be seen from the outside. Watch passersby do a double take as they walk past! You can also buy some pipe cleaners and create a window-sized spider’s web that you can stick on with glue or tape.

Make a Statement in the Hallway

As it's the first place your guests walk into you’ll want to make the atmosphere spooky for their arrival.  Cobwebs will give you the desired effect together with some stick-on or paper bats attached to the walls going up the stairs.

Give Guests a Fright in the Loo

Put stickers on the inside of the door. You can use bats, witches, ghosts, black cats or skulls. If you really want to scare them buy a Halloween toilet sticker for the seat. Choose 3D for the best effect.

Don’t Forget The Garden

You can place pumpkins around the garden or on seats. String lights on the patio will make sure the decorations can be seen. If you have an old white sheet and a football you can make a ghost. Tie it to some trees or bushes so that it moves in the wind.

Decorate Your Table

Either go for quirky tableware in orange and brown or use a stylish color like black. You can use gold or silver-sprayed pumpkins as plate decorations and attach black spiders on to candlesticks. Blood red serviettes will add contrast if you're using black. Add some fun with a Halloween salt and pepper set.

Make The Lounge Cozy

BAttery powered pumpkins will create low light, or you could use decorated jars and artificial tea lights. Decorate the sofa with orange cushions and brown or green throws to highlight autumn colors and make your guests comfortable with a nice glass of red wine before you settle down to watch something terrifying on TV.


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