Are you excited about hottest wall paint colours and wall fabrics, which will dominate in upcoming season 2017? Read on to find out the new colour trends in wall painting represented by colour-trend forecasters and top paint companies.

Certainly, you don´t have to change your house colour style with every design boom appeared in the interior magazine, but new wall painting is the cheapest way to completely modify and renew your living space. We are going to show you the most favourite wall colours and trends for 2017.

Discover hottest trends

Dark wall is great

The black or dark painted room is not as scary as it might seem. The only problem that remains to fix is lighting. The right room lighting is achieved by hanging lots of pendants. If you are worried about using full black, you can try beautiful Hague Blue (almost Navy) and jazz it with white furniture. The room sensation is balanced, modern and sexy. The idea of making a small room larger by painting with light shades is overcome, and the fact is, that with sludgy colours the smaller room feels even cosier.


Colour combination trends

Forget about not pairing certain colours this year and free your creative soul. Don´t be afraid of using bold colours in one room, such as Navy and Spring Green. The contrast will be an important element in upcoming interior trends. Just think a little bit of your room position. In a south-facing room, the dark wall colour will sparkle in the sunlight, while north-facing room will need warm shades to avoid cold sense.


Simply white painting

The white colour is still highly used for its pureness and power. This simply colour offers space for more contrast and bold coloured furniture and accessories. If you consider white too sterile, you can also try Cappuccino White, which is more warm, delicate and makes your space calm and airy. Alabaster is a great choice if you don´t favour cold white, neither warm Cappuccino or Vanilla.


Red and orange wall trend

Designers also love red and orange colour shades this season. This strong and activating colour is most suitable for your dining room, and you will be very pleasured by Charlotte’s Locks and Red Earth mixed with neutral and bright room elements, chairs or carpets.


Nice Greyish Green

Maybe this colour type doesn´t sound very cosy or homey, but interior designers assure us, that mixed with warm wood furniture and leather elements, Greyish Green is perfect for your bedroom and proper for calm sleeping and relaxation.


Four colour mix

Just choose four colour palettes, like Luxe Dimension, Blurred Boundaries, High Contrast and Lyrical Living or other contrasting colours to highlight beautiful room furniture or wall sectors. Don´t hesitate to check out daring and energy shades to make your home unforgettable and unconventional.


How to choose proper wall colour?

When choosing your new paint colours for rooms decoration, always be aware, that your home was created to make you happy. If you are indecisive, just look at your wardrobe. The most frequently colour found here is probably your favourite.

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