Painting your new house or just refreshing old colours? Choosing a right shade is not the only question that must be taken into account. The type of room you are decorating can influence the type of paint you need. We offer you a special guide that provides you useful information about paint types which are divided according to their base or sheen.

Paint guide

Paint types for wall preparation


This type covers many imperfections such as cracks, stains and strong colours and thus it´s a great all-purpose preparation. If your walls are in bad condition or covered with a dark colour, basecoat is highly recommended.


Anti-damp paint

Protects walls and ceilings from damp and mould. Some old houses have damp areas which are difficult to fix. This emulsion contains anti-mould fungicides and can be applied directly on damp surfaces.


Textured paint

This is an alternative to a basecoat and also covers imperfections.

Top coat paint types

Water-based paint colours

Usually, referred as emulsions are available for all surfaces, from metal to woodwork, and for both interior and exterior. The huge advantage of these type over oil-based one is that they are cleaner, easier to apply, with less odour and brushes can be easily cleaned by water. Emulsions are suitable for walls and ceilings, and you can find three main types: matt, satin and silk.

Oil-based paint colours

This type is highly used, where the durable finish is required. It is a perfect choice for interior, exterior, wood, metals and furniture. Brushes need to be cleaned with turpentine.


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Matt emulsions

Matt finishes are available in a huge range of colours and give a really flat finish. Matt emulsion will make tiny imperfections harder to see thanks to its non-reflective appearance. Matt finish is a great choice for your living room and gives depth and a richness. However, they can mark easily and aren´t washable, but you will find wipe-clean Matt paints on the market.


Satin emulsions

Known as soft sheen and mid sheen. A satin emulsion is slightly reflective and thus reflects light more than a matt finish. It is a great choice for dark rooms or more active rooms such as playroom or dining room. This is a more durable option that enables you to wipe off dirty marks and grease stains.


Silk Emulsions

Silk finish provides a shiny, reflective effect and is fully washable. Silk is not very suitable for reception rooms because it is too reflective. In comparison, this is a great choice for areas with high traffic, such as kitchenshalls or children´s bedrooms.


Kitchen and bathroom paints

Specific type is often available in a matt finish. This emulsion has a greaseproof formulation and is designed to resist humidity and grease. Bathroom emulsion has been manufactured to withstand steam and water with anti-mould technology.


Magic white paint

When applying pure white on walls, don´t miss bits. Some companies have developed a magic white emulsion that is pale pink when you apply it on but dries to white. This allows you to see where you’ve already been.


Durable emulsion with a shiny finish, a perfect solution for doors, radiators and other metals.


The water-based acrylic emulsion is suitable for woods and metals. This finish is so named because is similar in appearance to the surface of an egg. Eggshell provides a slight sheen with a soft, velvety finish.


Paint guide for every room