This is our most recent refurbishment in Fulham, consisting of a large kitchen, a living room, two bedrooms, a loft area and a bathroom with a separate toilet.

Each room is brought back to life with shades of deep blues and splashes of complementary colors. We have a minimalist approach in the living room, with a clean cream carpet and a stunning velvet sofa. The walls have a decorative molding to bring attention to all the prominent elements in the room, such as the historic fireplace. We stayed focused on all the small details, down to the beautiful vibrant cushions, giving the room that 'wow' factor. 

As you walk through the house to the kitchen, the deep blue theme lingers. Now, this is a kitchen for entertaining all your friends and family. With stunning off-white marble countertop, easy to clean engineer wood flooring and added in a champagne sink. 

We can proudly say that the project has a winning combination of colors and materials, which we have helped turn into the perfect place to call home.