This wonderful refurbishment is an exercise in tone. It shows that you don’t always need bold colour schemes to make a statement and that less can indeed be more. This sumptuous experience is brought life with coffee coloured walls, highlighted by the glow from the golden pendants. A smoky grey sofa sits atop neat wooden flooring  

The experience is upscale New York hotel/loft apartment, personalised in the comfortable familiarity of your sitting room. Chocolate coloured units and textured sand coloured chairs add to the mix, and sea washed curtains and geometric soft furnishings make this living room an utter treat for the dweller.

The bedroom departs from the living space’s tone, but not from its colour palate. The room speaks the same quality but has a more seacoast feel. This is thanks, in part, to colour blocking one wall in teal. The bedside units and contemporary bow shaped lamps carefully reference each other without appearing too ‘matchy’. The reflection from the high gloss white wardrobes, proves to be an almost cloudlike agent in providing a feeling of space and airiness

A dreamlike state is never far away with this winning combination of colours, of shapes, of materials, and of tones.

The whole project is both inspired and inspiring.