Tradition meets contemporary in this spectacular two-bedroom renovation. The flat
retains its Victorian charm, thanks to the preservation of its original features. The picture
rails, fireplace, coving, and ceiling roses all remain untouched, save for a fresh coat of
egg white emulsion – fire surround excluded! The discreet dove grey colour allows the
features and furnishings to take centre stage shine, rather than the paintwork. Bold
statement pieces such as the brilliant gold eccentric chandelier, sit comfortably inside
this apartment’s classic walls.
The bathroom offers luxury and simplicity all at once. A high spec wet room with glossy
pebble grey tiling complete with a giant mirror, a sparkling silver rain shower, and clean
white sharp fixtures, which all compliment each other, is a triumph.
The open storage and functionality of the kitchen fixtures take nothing away from the
charm of this renovation, rather, they serve as bold introduction and interesting and
thoughtful solution to a challenging space.
This is a successful marriage of the old and the new - one to be experienced and
enjoyed everyday.