We never thought this day would come, we officially have some beautiful shots of a property we renovated in Highbury and Islington last year. The wait was worthwhile. It looks stunning!

It's difficult to imagine that this open plan kitchen and the living area used to be two separate rooms. Knocking down a few walls, instantly turned the dim and dull rooms into a social hub, with radiant light and functionality. Crisp white walls brighten up the room even further, giving it that clean and luxury feel. 

Style of the kitchen, along with the entire house is modern with a traditional twist, which we designed to the taste of the customer. If you want to be blown away by the complete transformation of this property, then take some time to have a look at our Part one vlog ' Full Property Renovation In Highbury & Islington London'. Here you will be able to see how changing your floor plan layout could give you more than you could have ever imagined.